Monday, December 30, 2013

Do not forget about cleaning the furniture

If you have hardwood floors this makes for a difficult problem too. Cleaning under them is just as hard. The added problem is that in moving the furniture it is easy to slide. But this creates a problem and the furniture can scratch the flooring or damage the floors finish.

The best way around this is to go to a local store and purchase 1 to 2 inch felt pads that adhere on one side to the bottom of the furniture. This makes the furniture very easy to move around without damaging the floor or the floors finish. Also the furniture is not damaged either. Just remember to lighten all furniture before moving to clean under it.

When pulling out drawers be very careful not to drop them on your feet or you may end up with broken toes or damaged floors or drawers. Most beds can be taken apart for easy moving around and then reassembled after the cleaning is done.

Do not forget about cleaning the furniture itself also. This is very important in your furniture's care and will make it last longer and retain it's beauty longer. If you invest in good quality furniture, it is important to use a good quality furniture polish as well.

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